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    As one of the leading termites control NY Company, Exterminator NY is committed to effective and efficient extermination of these pests that can cause irreparable and huge damage to your property.

    These involve the detailed audit of the premises to ascertain the depth and extent of infestation. This includes checking the extent of secondary and or tertiary infestation if any. This is followed by a detailed and planned treatment phase, which is a combination of the best techniques and chemicals.

    Exterminator NY employs the best exterminators in the business. They are not only experienced and highly trained; they also are exceptionally knowledgeable about insects and pests.

    Pest Control in 10901 in Rockland County
    Sparkill, Palisades, Grand View-on-Hudson, Rockland Lake, Samsondale, Jones Point, Viola, Bulsontown, Cedar Flats, Pearl River, Mazzaleone Park, Buckberg, Tappan, Red Ridge, Valley Cottage

    They can range from bed-bugs, lice, termites, roaches, ants, spiders and rodents and mice as well.

    The chemicals and other modes of treatment are environment friendly and do not pose any toxic problems for your family or pets. This is followed by the preventive and protective measures. A detailed report of all the treatment and protective measures are provided after the completion of the work.

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